Yoga Therapy

In the traditional terminology, Yoga is the Joining of Jivatma and Paramatma; the individual self with the universal self. Apart from Yogasanas, pranayamas and meditation, Yoga is a science of holistic living consisting of health and wealth, harmony and efficiency. For the restless mind ,it gives solace, for the sick,it is a boon, for a common man, yoga keeps him fit and beautiful and helps in developing memory,intelligence and concentration.

Yoga could play a vital role in preventing diseases. Due to its multifold advantages,it is becoming a part of educational system. Promotion of positive health is being nurtured by many, who do not want to be the victims of modern ailments. Yoga is playing a vital role in this aspect in the new millennium.

As a part of it, we, Divine Yoga Studio is also making a humble effort in creating a disease free, physically, mentally,spiritually and socially fit society through our Yoga sessions. We emphasize on physical fitness and personality development in all aspects of life.

Our first batch begins from 5:30am. Here we are having flexible time schedule for each sessions, taking consideration of today’s busy work schedule. We are providing both regular batches and short term

batches (for clients coming from long distance).